High Security Group are the UK's premier service for business and home security systems. With over 40 of years experience in the security industry, we pride ourselves on delivering our products and services to the highest standards and providing excellent customer service and after sales support. We can provide tailored solutions for all aspects of security for your business and your home including:

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV monitoring systems have become very important for the security of homes, offices and many other places. If you are looking for high quality CCTV monitoring systems, we can offer you a range of options at High Security Group Ltd. We guarantee that our selection of CCTV monitoring systems will increase the level of security for your property to give you complete peace of mind.

Access Control

If you are looking for access control mechanisms to boost the security of your private or commercial property, High Security Group Ltd can provide you with a variety of options. We have access control systems that manage digital and physical resources and ensure that you meet your safety and budget requirements.

Alarm Monitoring

If alarm monitoring services are a concern for you, we at High Security Group Ltd can help you. We offer our customers an extensive range of alarm monitoring systems at affordable rates. These can ensure that your property is protected to the best extent.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms have become one of the most essential requirements on almost all properties, whether commercial or residential. To ensure your safety and that of your property, High Security Group Ltd can provide you with a large selection of Intruder alarms for all types of needs. Our Intruder alarms are of the highest quality and come at affordable rates to meet all expense requirements.

Security Tags

Are you constantly worried about the protection of your company?s equipment and resources? If you are, then High Security Group Ltd can offer several different kinds of security tags to meet your security needs. We offer security tags of the best quality that ensure your products or equipment are safely tagged at all times.

Fire Alarm Installations

Ensuring proper fire alarm maintenance is carried out is vital for any type of property. For this reason, High Security Group Ltd offers professional Business Security to suit all needs. Our fire alarm maintenance procedures comply with the latest Fire Safety Orders to ensure that anyone around the property is kept safe and protected from the dangers of a fire.

Make sure you read more about our Fire Alarm Installations service and discover why we are one of the leading companies in the UK.

Latest News

AFS Systems LTD-Acquistion

High Security Group are delighted to welcome AFS Sysytems into their Group.

AFS Systems Ltd have been in business since 1985 and have an extensive knowledge and client base in sprinkler and gaseous extinguishing systems.

Having recently acquired a share holding in our Sourthern Partner Detection Security Systems Ltd we are close to completing our UK coverage for the service delivery for our national client base ensuring that all services are kept in house where we can ensure our clients receive the highest level of service that they have been accustotmed to over the years.… Read the rest


CCTV Monitoring is rapidly moving into the domestic market place whereby you can link your home intruder alarm system into a CCTV monitoring system.

With the introduction of budget range digital video recorders with built in internet capability you can now view your house from your work place or laptop.… Read the rest

Ink Tags

Businesess that have tagging systems to protect items of clothing and other goods,are switching to Ink tags as a visual deterrent and using the security industry philosophy of “denying the prize” to the shop lifter.

HSG import various tags that are compatible with all systems that are currently installed in most shops around the UK, some tags explode upon exiting the shop and more commonly tags which destroy the clothes if they are removed without the correct de tacher.… Read the rest

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