High Security Group Ltd puts fire safety in pole position at new Lotus flagship store

ZXSe system provides state-of-the-art protection at first UK high street site in London’s West End

Group Lotus, the specialist car design and engineering company, has selected High Security Group Ltd by for its prestigious new Regent Street retail store, which opened at the end of March 2012. The ZXSe two-loop panel will provide the latest in fire protection technology for the flagship Grade II-listed store in London’s West End.

Building on this brand success, most recently Lotus Group launched LOTUS ORIGINALS, a range of lifestyle clothing, gifts and exclusive sporting items such as bikes, helmets and toys. These are available in dedicated stores in both the UK and China.

High Security Group, has designed and installed the ZXSe system at the new store which spans three floors of the former Café Royal site. “We have many years’ specialist experience in the retail sector,” says managing director Rob Blair, “and we believe that Morley –IAS by Honeywell products are perfectly-suited to the needs of tough store environments such as the new Lotus store.”

“The ZXSe panel offers highly flexible interconnectivity, linking easily with the main landlord’s systems in shutting down lifts, air conditioning and other building systems. It also meets complex cause and effect (C&E) requirements in ensuring rapid and controlled evacuation from the building in the event of a fire-related incident.”

Group Lotus was also attracted by the High Security Group Ltd open-protocol approach, which means they are not tied to one maintenance provider but can use any High Security Group Ltd accredited distributor in order to ensure the most cost-effective support in the future.

Founded in 1947 by renowned designer and engineer, Colin Chapman, the Lotus name has always been synonomous with high-performance sports and racing cars and remains one of the automotive world’s most famous and exciting marques.

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