Fire Alarm Installations

Fire Alarm InstallationsFire alarm installations are fitted to a British Standard BS5839 part 1.There are six categories of fire alarm installation.

Each fire alarm installation is designed around a perceived risk.

It is important to note if you do not already have a fire alarm installation already in place you should refer to a fire risk assessment that has been carried out on your premises.

If you have not had a fire risk assessment carried out and you a business that have more than 6 staff and you interact with the public through your premises then you are breaking the law if you do not have one.

Fire alarm installations can vary greatly in price. This is mainly down to ignorance of the assessor, in the event of no Fire risk assessment being ion place the highest grade of fire alarm installation is “recommended.

This can add thousands to your fire alarm installation costs. I it is essential that your Fire risk assessment is carried out by a professional organisation.

The grade guidelines are as follows:

  • 1. Fire alarm installation Life 1 (L1)
  • 2. Fire alarm installation Life 2 (L2)
  • 3. Fire alarm installation Life 3 (L3)
  • 4. Fire alarm installation Life 4 (L4)
  • 5. Fire alarm installation Life 5 (L5)
  • 6. Fire alarm installation Manual (M1)

Hospitals, schools, HMO sheltered housing and accommodation block as an example would all be L1 fire alarm installation.

A corner shop with only one room would probably not even need a fire alarm system as you only need to protect the lives of the person on that room and you can be your own fire alarm by shouting fire.

These are only examples the difference between getting the wrong advice can be costly.

At High Security Group we give advice on fire alarm installation which is designed to protect life in

direct correlation to the risk of the fire on a person’s life if a fire started in or around a building. Where property protection is concerned there are similar categories but they are designed to protect stock and possessions and they for out of hour’s business protection.

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