High Speed Doors

high speed doorFor fast access, for goods and people transit areas, the range of High Speed Doors that the High Security Group offers, are difficult to beat. Compact and technologically advanced, they feature a modular counter weight balancing system with strong driving belts, ensuring a high level of operation and safety.

Our range of High Speed Doors can be supplied in different levels of design to satisfy any operating requirement, and the wide range offers features that are unparalleled.

  • Hot galvanised steel with oven-baked epoxy resin, with smooth and fine satin finish stainless steel
  • Galvanised curtain winding pipe with vertical uprights and special self-lubricating sliding guide.
  • Provision for roll-up roller casing.
  • Electronic safety device to reverse motion when door is closing, if an obstacle is hot.
  • Heavy duty 3 phase 400V motor.
  • IP55 rated electronic panel.
  • Full size flexible curtain made of class 2 self-extinguishing polyester.

These heavy duty doors, with their special and innovative self repairing system should the curtain get accidentally dislodged, will automatically be recovered with a simple opening and closing operation.

All these superb features make the High Speed Doors from the High Security Group a must when quality, with outstanding engineering and reliability are required.

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