Intruder Alarms

Intruder AlarmsWhen you are looking to choose a monitored intruder alarm there are four main objectives that you are looking to achieve.

1. Identify the risk and what is the target, and what lengths would a burglar go to gain his prize.

2. The alarm should activate at the earliest opportunity, this is through good design and understanding the easiest entry point into your premises. Intruder alarm monitoring will be more effective if the design is right.

3. Intruder alarm monitoring is not linked to the police but through to an Alarm receiving centre, they in turn initiate the police response.

4. Maintain police response, you only have the ability to have two false alarms in a twelve month rolling period.

The key to successful intruder alarms is to get an accredited alarm installation company such as SSAIB or NSI who are UKAs accredited governing bodies which is the “watchdog of the security industry ‘High security Group’ are members of such a body and therefore able to gain police response for your intruder alarms system.

There are four main types of intruder alarm monitoring that will gain police response.

1. Redcare alarm monitoring dual path.
2. IP Monitoring dual path.
3. Dual Com Dual path Monitoring.
4. Acoustic dual path monitoring.

Once chosen.

1. HSG will identify the risk and categorise your security system.
2. HSG will design the alarm system to ensure that detection occurs at its earliest point.
3. HSG will ensure that police response is gained by way of sequential activation.
4. HSG Will help you keep police response by communicating with you when a false alarm occurs.

Read more information specifically about Redcare Monitoring.

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