Redcare Monitoring

Redcare MonitoringRedcare alarm monitoring is the generic name most insurance companies give for alarm systems which use transmission devices to alert a central station that a potential robbery is in progress.

Traditionally Redcare alarm monitoring used a standard dedicated PSTN line whereby 5 volts were polled from the alarm Redcare transmission unit and the BT Redcare exchange server.

If The Redcare signalling receiver transmission unit failed to receive its 5 volt pulse back then the unit triggered an alarm.

This then became the benchmark for Signalled alarm systems so much so that it was the only product that the insurance industry would recommend.

Today technology has moved on and now there are alternative products available as the security industry moved to work towards falling in line with European standards.

There are now four grades of security system installed and all signalling transmission units have to be graded.

Redcare monitoring or classic as it is now known is grade 4.

There are two other types of Redcare alarm monitoring both if which have surpasses the old format in its efficiently and its effectiveness.

All police forces will only attend a break in following a confirmed alarm signal from a central station.

GPRS and GSM are the latest from of Redcare alarm monitoring and use two technologies to transmit its signal from the premises to the central station. This can be Redcare GPRS or Redcare Secure, and Redcare GSM.Both now have roaming SIMs which switch between networks should the signal strength drop out one carries giving greater reliability.

Redcare alarm monitoring and Dual Com monitoring are product names for ‘STU’ signal transmission units.

The concept behind the STU’s is to ensure that the STU is still in situ and working so the grade represents how often the Redcare Signalling transmission unit communicates with the receiver.

This dependent upon which Grade you have can check every 24 hours Grade 2 and every 0.5 sec which is Grade 4

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